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When I started Dutile Christian Counseling in 2014 it was with the singular motivation to help people "become whole again". This remains my singular desire for you and for my community as a whole!

During this time of social isolation, your families may feel disjointed. Your teenagers may feel alone, isolated, feeling the need to result to gaming as their only social outlet. Your marriage may feel on edge with every little nuance striking frustration or argument. Personally you may feel overwhelmed with a future thoroughly unknown to you. You may find yourself returning to some old ways of dealing that do not amount to dealing at all, but escaping.


If any of these are true for you or your family, would you please reach out? God did not create you with the ability to "go it alone", so please don't try. Reach out for in-person or virtual counseling.




Shaun Dutile

M.A.,PC- Professional Counseling
Board Certified Christian Counselor (#0601)
Member of American Association of Christian Counselors

"Becoming Whole Again"

Shaun Dutile is a competent Christian Counselor with a strong love for people and a passion for seeing hurting people become whole again.


Keep in mind intake sessions are FREE.


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